Injured in An Accident? What to Do


You may wonder what to do if you’ve been in an accident.

  1. Get medical attention immediately if you’ve been injured. Your health is the most important thing in the world; without it, everything else in your life suffers. So rule number one is if you’ve been injured in a car accident, ensure you get treatment immediately.
  2. Make sure you, someone close to you, or someone you know reports the accident. It’s very important that law enforcement officials come and perform an investigation. In the course of that investigation, the law enforcement officer will determine who’s at fault.
  3. Find out the names of anybody who has witnessed the accident. Because you may later need those people to testify for you as to how it happened, and if it wasn’t your fault and the other person who caused the accident is also denying fault, then you may need to resort to calling these witnesses to provide aid to you in your case.
  4. Take photographs. You probably want to photograph the damage to your car, if there were any, and photographs of any injuries to your body. Sometimes that may only be dark, black, and blue, bruising from head to toe.

Sometimes that may mean gashes or scarring in your skin in the facial area, head area, or other body parts. And sometimes, taking photographs will also mean taking photographs of the accident scene.

Sometimes the issue involved in a car accident involves the line of vision. If you don’t take photographs immediately or shortly after the accident, later on, you may not be able to accurately depict the condition of the accident scene if you need to.

Therefore, if you can, or if someone close to you can, it’s important for you to take photographs of the accident scene after it occurs.