Client Portal - FAQ

What is the Portal?

The Portal is a tool we are now offering to clients to help you organize your case and communicate easily with your legal team. Inside the portal you can find a timeline of activity between you and your legal team.

What can you do with the Portal?

Inside of the portal, you’re able to send messages, share documents and pictures in relation to your case. The portal keeps all the information shared in a neat place for you to revisit any time you need. Inside the portal you can also view upcoming events scheduled regarding your case.

What happens to my Portal Account after my case is finished?

Your Portal Account remains available to you with all the information still in contact. That way if you ever need or want to look over the case later, you still have that opportunity.

After my case is closed, am I still able to interact on my Portal?

After your case is closed, you will no longer be able to interact with that specific case account. Although the information is still there, the box on top of your feed will disappear so that you’re no longer able to add any information into that specific case.

What if I have more than one case with the Miley Legal Accident Injury Lawyers?

If you have more than one case with the Miley Legal Accident Injury Lawyers, your cases are separated into folders in your account. That way all your information remains separate to the specific case, but you’re able to access everything with the touch of a button.

What if I have multiple cases with multiple firms?

You would not be able to log in and view both a case from the Miley Legal Accident Injury Lawyers and the other attorney as the Portals are individualized to each law firm that uses it.

How do I create an account for the Portal?

Your legal team will send you an email with an invite to create a Portal Account. From there, you choose your log-in and your legal team will contact you through there. The portal is accessible on both phone and computer. Currently there is NOT an app to download the portal. As far as type of devices go, any smartphone/computer will have access to the website as long as you have internet access.

Who has access to my information on my Portal Account?

Only you as the client and your legal team.

Where can I find out who my legal team is?

Once you’re logged into your Portal Account, on the left side of the screen there will be an icon that you’re able to access and it will list the attorney, opening paralegal and closing paralegal pertaining to that specific case.

What if I can’t remember my log-in information?

You can select “Forgot Password” and you’ll be able to reset your password through your email. Your legal team does NOT have the ability to reset your password because your log-in information is created by you as the client.