An insurance claims adjuster and a car accident victim look over an insurance claim form together.

What Not to Say to Your Insurance Company After an Accident

When speaking to insurance after an accident, the following are things you should not say:

  • Don’t admit fault
  • Don’t say that you are not injured
  • Don’t sign any releases
  • Don’t make an official or recorded statement

One of the most common misconceptions that many individuals have after a car accident is the belief that the insurance company will want to help them obtain the money they need, especially if they were not at fault for the crash.

Quite the opposite is true in many cases. Insurance companies do not want to pay you, so they will look for any way to reduce the amount of your compensation.

When the insurance company wants to discuss what happened and who was at fault for your crash, you must be careful what you say as these insurers can use your statements against you and decrease the value of your claim.

To better help you understand what you should and should not say to the insurance company after an auto accident, we have prepared the following blog post. In it, we will walk you through the topics you need to avoid discussing, how these insurers can hurt your claim, and how an experienced accident attorney can help you take on these insurance adjusters and get you the money you need.

What You Should Not Say to Your Insurance Provider After a Car Accident

You need to remember that insurance companies are a business, and like other businesses, they want to make a profit.

By paying you out less, the more money they will make. That is why insurance adjusters will try anything they can to get you to admit fault for your car crash so that they can justify paying you less than you deserve or deny your claim altogether.

For these reasons, it is imperative that when reporting an accident to your car insurance company, you do the following:

  • Don’t admit fault.
  • Don’t say you aren’t injured. If they ask, you should be adamant that you are not sure.
  • Don’t sign any release to release your medical records without checking with your lawyer.
  • Do not accept any sort of settlement without consulting with an attorney first!
  • Don’t make any statements to the insurance company without speaking to your attorney first.

What You Should Say to Your Insurance Provider After a Car Accident

When discussing your claim with your insurance adjuster, it is best to only stick to the basics and provide them with limited information, including:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Where you are employed
  • Where and when the accident occurred
  • The vehicles involved in the crash
  • The identity of any witnesses

Do not discuss anything further about the accident, including how it happened or your injuries. In addition, do not provide a written or recorded statement of the accident without consulting your personal injury attorney first.

If the insurance company still presses you for further information, indicate that the investigation of your accident is still ongoing and that you will discuss the facts at a later time.

Then let them know that all future communications regarding the incident will be through your car accident attorney.

Why You Should Be Careful With What You Say to Your Claims Adjuster

A car accident victim and insurance adjuster inspect a damaged car together.

The insurance adjusters have a set of rules they follow to process your insurance claim, with only one job in mind-to settle your case for as little as possible.

As their job is to protect their company’s bottom line, these insurance adjusters will try anything they can to find ways to absolve the insurance company of fault so that they will not have to pay you money for your claim.

To accomplish this goal, they will start investigating the accident and looking for ways to blame you for it in hopes of ruining your chances of securing the compensation you are entitled to. Do not make statements that can destroy your credibility or establish you were somehow at fault for the crash.

Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Attorney to Deal with Your Auto Insurance Company

A car accident victim and an attorney have a consultation together to discuss the rights of the driver and their legal options.

When you hire an experienced car accident lawyer to deal with the insurance company, these lawyers can take over these discussions and negotiations with the insurer for you and make sure that you do not say anything that can jeopardize your claim.

Plus, if the insurance company offers you a settlement amount, these lawyers can ensure that this offer provides you the money you need.

Quite often, insurance companies will make settlement offers within days following a car crash in hopes of taking advantage of the victim. Those car accident victims who do not have a skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer on their side believe they need to accept this money right away. In return, they receive a minimal amount that barely covers any of their losses.

When you have a lawyer fighting on your behalf, they can ensure that the amount you receive from the insurer covers the extent of your injuries, your future prognosis, and any further medical treatments you may need.

If it doesn’t, they can head back to the negotiation table and fight for a settlement that is fair to you.

Contact The Miley Legal Group Today for Help Negotiating with Insurance

A courtroom gavel and a toy car on a white background. Hiring an attorney to handle a car accident claim is one of the best ways to fight for fair compensation after a car accident.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, the answer is simple-you need to hire an experienced accident lawyer.

Car accident claims are already incredibly complicated, tedious, and overwhelming. Trying to resolve these claims with your adjuster can make an already difficult situation that much more unbearable.

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  • Determining the legal options you can pursue.
  • Investigating your car crash thoroughly and securing the evidence needed to show fault and damages.
  • Ensuring that legal motions and documents are filed correctly and before time runs out.
  • Obtaining experts such as accident reconstructionists, engineers, and doctors to substantiate your claim.
  • Handling all the discussions and negotiations with the insurance company.
  • Fighting for the fair settlement amount you are entitled to.
  • Taking your case to trial if the insurance company is unwilling to settle and going after the maximum damages you need.

Do not wait to get legal help if a car accident disrupted your life or the life of a family member.

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