How to Deal With Clients

Keith Gould is an active member of the American Association for Justice and the West Virginia Association for Justice, organizations dedicated to preserving our civil justice system.

He says one of the most frustrating things about working with insurance companies these days is they don’t know anything about West Virginia and its law because they are very far away in another state.

So you need to educate them on what is required to compensate people in West Virginia.

They must understand how our laws and insurance commissioners’ regulations require them to do things on time.

But if you know the law and your rights in West Virginia, you will be much better off. It’s very frustrating dealing with people that don’t know our law, so we make them understand.

How does he deal with challenging cases?

One of the most challenging cases Keith gets fairly regularly is where people have been through catastrophic incidents. They’ve lots of medical expenses, and there’s not a lot of liability insurance that applies to the person that hit them;  only has a state minimum, for example. 

For example, they needed surgeries and lost a lot of property. 

He has successfully taken those individuals, found avenues of recovery for them, and negotiated with the people they owe money to.

So they can pay their debts and walk out with money in their pockets.

It is excellent when you start with a situation where they feel hopeless and have nothing. They have more debts than money coming in, and they end up with money in their pockets. 

He says, “what I like most about working at the Mighty Legal Group versus the other places I’ve worked in my career is how client-dedicated we are.”

We have processes to ensure we talk to our clients consistently and know them personally. That way, when we speak to them, they will trust us for a good reason. 

We give them all the facts and numbers and keep them well-informed. We’ll take it as far as we can to get them a successful result.

Other firms see these cases as mills. They take them in and try to get as much money as possible. 

Here we will push to get the extra dollars to get the fair result for our clients. 

Frequently asked question

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients is how long will this take?

They believe that the legal process always takes a long time and their result is way down the road, but the truth is we do injury cases. 

We want to ensure that the only thing that guides how long the case takes is the time it takes them to either get better or get to the point where their medical professionals are telling them that it’s safe to go forward.

We track their cases and talk to them constantly. We have set up reminders for us to speak to them when they get to that point when they’re done treating with their doctors, or the doctors release them; we have all the bills and evidence in place, and we can immediately move forward with their case.