Can you Claim for Injury Due to Hunting Accidents?

hunting accidentIn West Virginia, many people enjoy hunting. But as a result of that, many hunting accidents occur during hunting season. For example, some of those accidents might be someone accidentally shooting another hunter with a bow and arrow or a gun.

People don’t realize there is a claim that an injured person can bring that would help them pay for the medical expenses associated with that injury or death.

Most people don’t realize they have the right to pursue that kind of claim.

Another injury that occurs in the field while a person’s hunting might be someone up in a tree stand, which is defective in some way.

The hunter falls off the tree and gets seriously injured, and sometimes it can be fatal. There are claims that might be able to be pursued against the manufacturer of that product.

Hunting accidents occur when people are riding their ATVs and have passengers on their ATVs out in the woods or in the field. An accident happens, and people are injured, and that could be due to a few of these things:

  • There was drinking involved by the driver of the ATV.
  • The driver of the ATV may not have been riding his ATV where he was supposed to be.
  • Some of these off-road altering vehicles are top-heavy, and there’s a claim to be pursued against the manufacturer of those products because those manufacturers are aware that there is a high rate of rollover of those ATV machines. Yet, they continue to market those machines to the public.