Failure to Get Immediate Medical Treatment

medical treatment

A mistake that injury victims make, among many, is the failure to get medical treatment immediately following the accident.

If you have been injured or feel pain or discomfort from an accident, seek medical attention immediately.

Immediately after being in an accident, the adrenaline is pumping, and the victim does not feel much pain. Then when they feel pain two or three days after the accident, they believe that the pain will go away and put off medical treatment.

After a week or two, they might realize that this pain is not going away without treatment or painkillers. So, when they get that medical treatment, the insurance company will fight them on their injury claim. They will take a stand that they were never injured in the accident and are now going to get medical treatment just to increase the value of their injury claim.

Most people prefer to heal on their own and not go to the emergency room for treatment. They prefer and hope they recover naturally within a few days. When they don’t, they try to get an appointment at their medical doctor’s office.

So don’t make that mistake. It will be fatal to your claim, and the insurance company will use it against you.