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Diary of Car Accident Victim

October 23rd

Two days ago, it happened.  I was driving on my way to work and stopped at a light on Route 50.  All of a sudden I heard screeching and look in my rearview mirror just in time to catch glimpse of a large water truck slamming into the rear of my car.  I felt immediate and excruciating pain all over my body.  I couldn’t believe it, I was in an accident!  I am not too sure what happened next, but I “woke up” on a stretcher being loaded into the back of an ambulance.  They took me to UHC emergency room where they asked some questions and took some x-rays.  They want to test me for a few more things.  They think I hit my head, but I can’t remember.

October 24th

I am aching all over.  Not only my back, but my head hurts still, there is this annoying throbbing on the left side of my forehead.  I had another doctor appointment yesterday with my primary care physician and he is concerned about my head injury.  It appears after a few other tests that I may have a back injury, but he wants me to try a chiropractor first.  I have an appointment later this week at a local place.

October 27th

I had my first chiropractor appointment today.  They did some crazy stuff to my back and hooked me up to a few electrodes.  I hope this helps me because this back pain is not going away.  The chiropractor has suggested that when I meet with my regular doctor again next week that I make sure and describe the pain in detail to him to make sure everything is ruled out.  He is concerned that I might have a bulging disc, whatever that may be.

October 28th

I finally heard from the truck drivers insurance today, they left a message on my voice mail.  They want to take an official statement and appear to sound like this was my fault.  I am not sure what to do; I might chat with my father and see what he thinks.  I don’t want to deal with this right now, my back still hurts and my mind gets fuzzy once in a while.  What if I don’t remember what happened and they blame me?  Was it my fault? Maybe I stopped my car too early.

October 31st

Today is Halloween.  I wanted to go out with my niece to trick or treat in the neighborhood like I do every year, but my back is in too much pain.  The pain meds the doctor gave me don’t work all the time and wear off too soon.  I have an appointment with him tomorrow and hope to get some more information on my head and my back.  The chiropractor is helping a little, but not as much as I would like.

November 1st

I went to my doctor again today and told him how I felt.  He was surprised about my head aches and the fuzziness, stating that those symptoms normally only last a few days, but he wants to schedule an MRI to rule out a few things.  I am starting to get nervous.  My deductible is high on my insurance at work and I don’t want to have to pay for to many tests.  He did tell me that if I felt the chiropractor was not working to my satisfaction that he can schedule me with physical therapy to get a better handle on my back pain.  He still wants to make sure they get a good picture of my back and so it appears this imaging thing will scan my whole body.  Yikes!

November 14th

Well, it has been almost a month since my accident, and I do not feel much better.  I got the MRI results back and I do have a bulged disc in my lower back that the doctor wants to try to work out with physical therapy before we consider surgery.  I also have been scheduled to see a specialist about my head as it appears that I hit my head pretty hard.  I am getting nervous again because this all sounds serious.

The truck driver’s insurance company called back a few times this week.  They really want me to give them a statement.  They have not accepted liability, whatever that means, but it appears my insurance company is going to help me get my car fixed and get me back on the road.  I have not been back to work yet and want to get on with my life.  Oh, I did receive a few medical bills today from my earlier doctors’ visits and from the ER.  I am not sure how those are going to get paid.  My dad wants me to call a lawyer, but I am concerned about the cost and how that will complicate things even more.

November 19th

I called and spoke with a lawyer from The Miley Legal Group today.  They helped a coworker with an accident last year and they spoke highly of them.  I keep getting these phone calls and now from bill collectors to, good grief.  I went into their office and everyone was very helpful and nice.  They told me the process and helped me understand what I should do with the bills coming in and how they can help me get them addressed.  They also told me that if anyone else calls, including any insurance company, to tell them that I am now represented and to contact my lawyer.  This is such a relief to me because I don’t want to deal with this anymore.

November 21st

I got a call from the legal assistant at my attorney’s office.  Apparently they are going to total my car and issue me a check soon.  Now I have to worry about car shopping.  Ugh! Thankfully, I have not returned to work yet and don’t have to worry about driving around.  I do have an appointment with a specialist for my head injury this afternoon, but as always my mom is going to take me.  I can’t shake this fuzzy feeling and it seems to be getting worse.  Lord give me strength.

November 29th

Well, I heard back from the specialist and I have been officially diagnosed with traumatic brain injury.  The doctor told me he has seen much worse and that many recover from what I have experienced.  Is that supposed to make me feel better?    I am not sure what to do; I have a ton of questions.  I have a follow up next week to go over my “options.”  What the heck am I going to do?  I may have to go on short term disability on my job because I have been off to long and will need some cash to start paying my bills, my savings is dwindling.

December 5th

Christmas is coming, and I can’t seem to get into the Holiday season.  This is the first year I have felt like this in a long time.  I am just not ready to deal with the holiday mess.  I went to physical therapy today and that seems to be getting better.  I heard word from my attorney that the insurance company still has not determine who is responsible, but I think MLG (my attorney) has that handled for me.  I am so tired of everything and it is making me physically exhausted.  I wish this had never happened to me.  I want my life back.

December 12th

Well, things seem to be improving for my back, but still more physical therapy.  I have been in less pain, but it seems to not go away, maybe it’s just the meds numbing me.  I try not to take them often, but sometimes it does hurt.  The physical therapist hears me complain every time and keeps me somewhat positive, but it wears on your body and with this head thing, I can’t seem to get anything right.

December 26th

Christmas is over.  I did get to see my family, but all of the activity made me a bit dizzy.  I am glad mom helped me pick out most gifts this year because I just couldn’t do it.

I met with my specialist since the last time I wrote down anything.  He thinks the brain injury will slowly get better and that I just have to be patient.  He will meet with me again in a month to check on my progress, so still not back to work.  I filled out the paperwork for the short term disability and mailed that in, so hopefully I will start getting some funds soon.

I heard from my lawyer’s office.  They wanted to check up on me and see how I was doing.  I got a nice card from them as well.  They have been gathering my bills and getting my doctors and the hospital to bill my insurance company so I don’t have to deal with anything.  It looks as though my car insurance policy has some sort of medical payment insurance on it and it seems to be taking care of some of the bills, but I am sure it is going to get much worse.  I am so glad I decided to hire an attorney to help me.  How much does a brain specialist cost anyway?

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Tim Miley is the Founder of Miley Legal Accident Injury Lawyers, a West Virginia personal injury law firm he formed in 2006. With more than 30 years of experience in personal injury law, he is dedicated to representing clients in a wide range of personal injury cases, including car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, brain injuries, wrongful death, and other personal injury matters.

Tim received his Juris Doctor from Duquesne University and is a member of the West Virginia State Bar and the Harrison County Bar Association. He has helped his clients win more than $10 million in personal injury verdicts and settlements and has further served the people of West Virginia by filling legislative roles in the state’s government since 2004.

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