Defective Product Example

When I refer to a defective product or a product liability claim, I’m talking about the item the consumer purchased that malfunctions. It doesn’t function as you expect it to function. 

Example of defective product:

One of the examples of such defective products is Firestone Tire.

These tires are coming apart and having catastrophic consequences.

When you purchase these tires for your car or buy the vehicle with them installed, you expect them to perform safely as most tires would.

But when they don’t perform safely, you are forced to examine whether that company knew about the problem with that product– which they should have known.

In most circumstances, the change that the company would have made to make a safe product is very inexpensive.

But they chose not to do it because it would cost them more. They chose to keep the money and put your life in danger. 

What’s the way to stop companies from producing defective products?

The only way to stop companies from producing and selling defective products is to bring a claim against that manufacturer to hold them accountable for their conduct.

Make them realize that a person’s life or health is worth far more than a few dollars they’ve saved by cutting corners.