Clarksburg Defective Products Lawyer

When you buy your child a toy or purchase a car, outdoor equipment or appliance for your own use, the last thing you expect is to suffer a serious injury because of a product defect.  Sadly, many people in West Virginia and across the United States are hurt, maimed or killed every year because of poorly designed or badly manufactured products.

When you or someone you love is hurt by a defective product, you want answers.  You want justice.  Should you talk to a Clarksburg defective product attorney?  Absolutely.  You may need money to pay for medical bills, property damage, rehabilitation, hospital and doctor fees, lost income and more – and it is unlikely that the negligent product manufacturer is going to help you get back on your feet out of the goodness of their heart.

Standing up for victims of defective products.

At The Miley Legal Group, we have helped men and women just like you cope with the aftermath of injury or wrongful death resulting from poorly designed or manufactured products.  We fight hard for accident victims because you need somebody in your corner, somebody to stand up to the big businesses and insurance companies that only care about themselves and put profits over people.

Don’t lose your case before it begins!

Hurt in an accident because of a defective product?  You need this book.  Please order our FREEaccident victim book “7 Fatal Mistakes that will Wreck your West Virginia Accident Case”.  We don’t want you to make a simple mistake that could ruin your case!

Defective Products Lawyer: Do I Have a Case?

Victims want to know: “Do I have a case?”

After being hurt by a defective product, you probably want to know if you have a case.  This is a common concern, and we can answer that question for you.  All you need to do is contact The Miley Legal Group to set up a free consultation to discuss the problems that you have experienced because of a defective product.

First, we will investigate to see if you have a case.  Some of the questions we try to answer include:

  • Was the product subject to a recall?
  • Were any modifications made to later versions of the product (which would indicate that the manufacturer knew there was a problem with the original)?
  • Have any other cases been filed against the manufacturer?
  • Does the manufacturer or distributor admit that there is a problem with the product?
  • Is the manufacturer or distributor willing to provide compensation or are they going to put up a fight?
  • Do experts with specialized knowledge about the product believe there is a solid case against the manufacturer?

Next, we sit down with you to discuss our findings.  Do you have a case?  What kind of compensation can you realistically expect?  How much time might it take to see resolution in the case?  What are some issues or roadblocks we might encounter?

Because we do so much homework up-front, we are able to give you a detailed, thorough understanding of your case.  This means that you can make an educated decision about whether or not to move forward, so we don’t waste your time. Let us fight like a tiger for you!