Car Accident in a Snow Storm

car accident in a snow storm

Wintertime is beautiful.

The holiday season brings a dopamine level to compensate for the lack of vitamin D. Your children are convinced snow is magic, and you let yourself believe it on occasion, too. But with snow comes ice. With ice comes skidding. The roadways can be a death trap; if you haven’t completed your shopping, you could be that unlucky person driving in a snow storm. If you meet in a car accident in a snow storm, look no further than the personal injury attorneys at Miley Legal for representation. In and out of season, our legal representation is sound.

Waiting for the News to Plan Your Monday Morning

Like most people, you follow the news closely for updates when the snow really starts to pile up. Your children watch the pileup of snow from the window and pray quietly that school the following day is canceled due to the inclement weather. Your kids are onto something. Hopefully, you are fortunate enough to stay inside and be content at home. Avoiding a trip along I-79 could save your life. According to WBOY, multiple crashes along I-79 have been attributed to snow and ice. Even short bursts of snowfall can have significant effects on the roadway, as reported by WDTV. In this case, the Division of Highways crews had to offer assistance eventually. It may set you back an hour to sit in your car while a large truck plows through mountains of snow. We understand that life stops for no one, so contact Miley Legal for a free case review if you find yourself in a frigid fender bender.

Causes of Snow Storm Car Accidents

The beauty of snowfall is ruined when you find yourself driving home on roads covered with snow and windscreen wipers struggling to keep up snow threatening to mar your vision. In typical weather, drivers are already prone to accidents—the likelihood of a driver ending up in a crash increases when roadways require attention.

The result is road accidents due to several reasons.

Failure to Break

With the roads being particularly smooth, the reduced friction means that pressing brakes abruptly could result in drifting.

Impaired Vision

No matter the weather, not being able to see through your mirrors means you may as well be driving blind. It can be difficult to see traffic lights at an intersection. A critical region of the road could be in your blind spot.

Following Too Closely Behind a Vehicle

If you’re having brake issues due to the slippery road, the car in front is likely having some difficulties. Protect yourself from them potentially losing control of their vehicle by keeping a safe distance from the car directly in front.

What to Do After A Car Accident in a Snow Storm

No matter how careful you are—accidents happen.

Follow these steps if you are ever involved in a car crash:

  1. Report the car accident to the nearest police station. It will be helpful to have a police report soon after the event available. Ensuring that there is an accident report is non-negotiable.
  2. Take pictures of the cars and the surrounding area. Do this as best you can in the circumstances, as this may be difficult depending on the severity of the weather.
  3. Get medical attention. Regardless of how well you think you feel, having a medical record will be helpful for any claim that needs to be made later.
  4. Contact a car crash personal injury attorney. All the vehicles involved may not be insured, so you will need all the help you can get.

While the Miley Legal team is available and flexible, it is always best to see a doctor before bringing a claim. This information above will form your lawsuit or your claim for settlement against an insurance company, so it is best to come to us fully prepared. It is easy to blame yourself when you get into an accident, but we know your rights. Let us defend them for you while you heal after the accident. Whether or not you’re covered by insurance, we have options for you.

Contact us to schedule your free case review so we can start the process.

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