When Should You Settle Your Injury Claim?

A question you may be asking yourself and want to ask me is when you should settle your injury claim. Or in other words, how quickly should you settle your injury claim? 

The advice that I’ll give to you is the same advice that I give to everybody, and that is, never settle your injury claim until you have either:

  1. Fully recovered from your injuries,
  2. Recovered to the point where you are as good as you will get.

That means you may not have recovered a hundred percent, but you may have recovered up to 70% or 75%. But the doctor has told you that there’s nothing further to be done to help get you back to a hundred percent. 

These are the only two occasions where I recommend you settle your injury claim.

The reason is that if you settle your injury claim too early, you will never be able to get compensation for your injuries if those injuries continue past the date you settled your claim with the insurance company.

In that case, it’s critically essential to wait until you’ve fully recovered or reached the point where you’re as good as you’re going to be.

I hope this has been helpful.