Marion County Child Injury Lawyer

Whether accidental or intentional, there is no scenario that justifies harm against a child. That said, holding someone legally liable for a child’s injury could be difficult if your case is not carefully constructed as it advances through the civil court system.

With a Marion County child injury lawyer by your side, you could have a better chance of recovering compensation for the injuries your child suffered from another’s negligence. A compassionate personal injury attorney could work with you to prove civil liability, identify all recoverable damages, and seek restitution, so you no longer have to worry about your family’s future.

Grounds for a Child Injury Lawsuit

Any accident which could give rise to a personal injury claim could serve as grounds for a minor harm case. The only difference is the age of the person harmed. However, there are certain scenarios in which it may be more likely for a child to suffer harm.

Many such cases are ones of product liability. Toys with small parts that break off easily, poorly designed cribs, defective electronics, and any other product with a flaw in its design, manufacture, or marketing may pose a risk of injury to children using the item as intended. Likewise, negligent drivers may hit a child playing in or near a busy street.

Even medical settings could be the source of a child injury case—a reckless or careless doctor who injures a newborn during birth or during a surgical procedure could be liable for resulting losses. A Marion County child injury attorney could help a plaintiff identify whether their circumstances warrant a civil case.

Recovering Damages

Regardless of the cause of a child’s injuries, the damages their parent or guardian could recover on their behalf could be both economic and non-economic in nature.

Recoverable economic damages include medical expenses, loss of future income due to a long-term injury or disability, and property damage. Non-economic losses that could be recovered include emotional anguish, physical pain and suffering, the psychological impacts such as PTSD, and loss of enjoyment of life. Compensation recovered may be held in a trust for the child to receive once they turn 18 or distributed directly to the parties filing suit, depending on the situation.

If a minor passes away due to someone’s negligent actions, a child injury lawyer in Marion County could also help surviving family members explore their options for a wrongful death suit. In addition to the damages available in other child injury suits, this kind of case could also seek compensation for funeral expenses and loss of society.

Talk to a Marion County Child Injury Attorney to Learn More

Every parent’s worst nightmare is for a serious injury to befall their child. If the unthinkable has happened to your child, you could have a variety of legal options at your disposal with which to pursue the responsible party for comprehensive civil compensation.

A Marion County child injury lawyer could clarify what is possible in your circumstance and work with you to seek a positive resolution to your case. Call today to find out what an experienced legal professional could do for you and your family.