Harrison County Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slipping and falling at a business or other property can be frightening. You might not know what caused your injury or how severe it is in the moments following an accident. Whether your slip and fall occurred on residential or commercial property, the property owner may be responsible for your injuries.

With the assistance of a seasoned injury attorney, you may be able to recover compensation for the losses you sustained in the accident. Contact a Harrison County slip and fall lawyer for evaluation of your claim and assistance in reaching a positive resolution.

Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents

In order to determine if a property owner may be liable for damages, it is important to establish the duty of care they owed to the injured individual. Additionally, injury victims and their Harrison County slip and fall lawyers must establish that the property owner breached their duty.

For example, property owners generally owe the highest level of care to invitees. For example, customers or patrons in a store would be considered invitees, as they are welcomed onto the premises for business purposes. However, invitees may lose their status under certain circumstances.

Property owners owe a lesser duty of care to licensees and trespassers. A slip and fall lawyer in Harrison County could provide guidance regarding an injured individual’s status at the time of the slip and fall accident.

Potential Arguments a Negligent Property Owner May Use

When faced with liability for damages, a property owner may attempt to argue that no dangerous condition existed or that the injured individual caused their own injuries. A slip and fall attorney in Harrison County may wish to view any surveillance videos, incident reports, and photographs of the scene of the accident in order to demonstrate that a dangerous condition existed and establish the property owner’s knowledge of the hazard.

An argument stating that the injured individual was partially at fault could result in a reduction of their damages. For example, a property owner may claim that the injured individual was inattentive or wearing ill-fitting shoes that caused them to fall. A slip and fall lawyer in Harrison County could prepare an injured individual to refute these and other arguments.

Statute of Limitations

In West Virginia, an individual who has sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident has two years to file a lawsuit. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations. If an individual fails to file a lawsuit by the deadline, they may not be able to recover damages.

Speak with a Harrison County Slip and Fall Attorney Now

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to get in touch with a Harrison County slip and fall lawyer for help with your case. As time passes, witnesses and evidence become more difficult to locate and the statute of limitations continues to run. Call a determined injury attorney today to schedule a consultation.