Clarksburg Truck Side-Impact Accident Lawyer

Side-impact crashes—also known as T-bone collisions—are among the deadliest types of truck accidents that West Virginia residents may experience. If you find yourself impacted by such an incident, consulting a qualified truck accident attorney may be the best type to take prior to pursuing a civil case against a negligent truck driver. A Clarksburg truck side-impact accident lawyer could you demonstrate liability, take stock of all your recoverable losses, and seek appropriate financial restitution both in and out of court.

Defining a Side-Impact Collision

As the name suggests, a side-impact collision is one in which a vehicle strikes another in the side. For instance, if a dump truck or a tractor trailer pulls out in front of another vehicle, perhaps that vehicle might T-bones or side impacts the truck. Alternatively, it could be a situation where the truck driver is not paying attention, and as they are pulling into an intersection without having the right of way, they impact the side of another motor vehicle.

As far as common causes go, speeding is the most typical instigating factor of side-impact accidents involving trucks. Failure to yield the right of way at an intersection is another common cause, as is inattentive driving, not noticing a stop sign, or not noticing a stop light.

Common Injuries and Damages

Because of the specific nature of side-impact collisions, vehicles that are T-boned are apt to be rendered a total loss, as there is often severe damage to doors, doorposts, fenders, wheels, and axles. Automobile manufacturers have done a wonderful job in the past 30 years of producing bumpers which can sustain greater impacts without causing significant damage to the car itself, but the same unfortunately cannot be said regarding the sides of the typical passenger vehicle.

Frequently sustained injuries in a side-impact collision includes damage to the neck, head, brain, and shoulder, and experienced Clarksburg T-bone truck accident attorneys have also seen plaintiffs with fractured and broken bones, particularly the ribs and sternum. If someone is sitting on the side of the vehicle where the impact occurs, the accident is unfortunately often fatal.

Recovering Compensation for Losses

The damages for which a person involved in a side-impact truck collision can recover compensation may include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. If the injuries are significant enough to be permanent and have long-term effects, a person involved in a side-impact collision can also recover for future medical bills that are to be incurred as a result of the injuries from the collision, as well as future pain and suffering and for the future loss of enjoyment of life.

Furthermore, they can recover for the loss of future household services and future wages lost. A side-impact truck wreck lawyer in Clarksburg could provide further clarification to an individual plaintiff about what particular damages may be available in their case.

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If you were struck in the side of your vehicle while driving by a commercial truck, you may have various legal options for recovery at your disposal. For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, get in touch with a Clarksburg side-impact truck accident lawyer.