Settling a Truck Accident Claim: How Long Can it Take?

After you settle your truck accident claim, all you can do is wait. How long will it take to settle?

Many factors can contribute to the time it takes to settle a truck accident case. Every accident is different; however, the severity of the crash, who was at fault, the length of investigation needed, how the insurance companies react, and if the case ends up at trial will affect the timeline.

Keep reading to learn more about settling a truck accident case and how different factors will affect how long it will take.

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How Long Will it Take to Settle My Truck Accident Case?

Truck accidents are often some of the more severe cases we see. The injuries that are associated with a vehicle getting struck by a truck or vice-versa almost always lead to broken bones and internal injuries. 

The force of a large truck and a smaller vehicle colliding creates trauma on the human body that is generally not seen in other accidents, although motorcycle accidents can result in similar injuries. Generally, accidents involving large trucks always leave lives in shambles.

Since truck accidents are typically devastating, it can take a longer time to settle your case than a minor car accident case would take. Additionally, trucking companies are heavily insured. You’ll have to fight against them to get the compensation you deserve, which can take time. 

Thankfully, a truck accident lawyer can help make this process quicker and easier.

When Can I Expect Compensation for My Injuries Resulting From a Truck Accident?

This is a complicated question when it comes to trucking accidents. As with auto accidents, the insurance companies involved have processes to determine who was at fault, if negligence was involved, and how much the medical expenses cost as a result of the accident.

This might not be the answer you wanted to hear if you desire a speedy process. However, it is your attorney’s responsibility to push the insurance company to address the claim and make a fair offer. 

Having experienced truck accident lawyers can shorten the timeline, but in most cases, the claim is at the mercy of the insurance company. That is unless the attorney can demand fair compensation or until a lawsuit is filed. With that in mind, it is never good for truck accident victims to take on the claim without an attorney.

Here are some other factors that affect how long it will take to settle your claim:

The Severity of the Truck Accident

The severity of the truck accident will affect the length of time to settle your claim. Accidents involving tractor-trailers and other large trucks are more likely to result in severe injuries and sometimes death. Catastrophic injuries take months, sometimes years, to resolve. And it is NEVER okay to settle any personal injury case before the truck accident victim is fully healed. Why? Well, we want to ensure that you get full compensation for your injuries, and we won’t know the extent of your medical bills until you’re fully healed.

Who Was at Fault for the Accident

Truck accident cases usually take longer to settle because adjusters have to determine who was at fault. This can take a lot of time because several parties can be held accountable in a truck accident. 

Investigators must consider the following:

  • Did the trucking company properly maintain the truck?
  • Did the driver follow all rules and regulations?
  • Did the trucking company follow all rules and regulations?
  • Did the trucking company properly train the driver?
  • Were other drivers involved in causing the accident?

Another factor that prolongs this process is that both the insurance company and your lawyer will investigate the accident before they determine fault. And the case can’t proceed until the fault is assigned. 

This can be a complicated process if the insurance company doesn’t agree with your lawyer as to who caused the accident. If there’s a disagreement, the timeline for completing your truck accident settlement could be extended by months or years.

Negotiating With the Insurance Company After the Accident

If, in the end, the fault has been placed on the truck driver, a claim is still not cut and dry. Any time an insurance company begins the negotiation process, they have one goal in mind: to keep the cost of the claim as low as possible. This is a direct conflict with your lawyer’s goal, which is to make sure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

Personal injury negotiations can be brutal, and it becomes more challenging if the value of your case is worth a large sum of money. The negotiations between your attorney and the insurance company can take a considerable amount of time, and if they cannot reach an agreement, the next step is a lawsuit. 

Sometimes, a truck accident lawsuit may be unattainable due to time constraints. However, your lawyer will file a lawsuit if the insurance company tries to shirk its responsibility to fully compensate you.

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