Clarksburg Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

Blind spots are areas around a vehicle that drivers are unable to see simply with their side-view or rearview mirrors. Trucks and large commercial vehicles typically have several blind spots, including in front of the truck cab, below and behind the driver’s side window, and behind the trailer. A blind spot on the right side of the truck cab can sometimes extend back to the rear end of the trailer. Even when a driver physically turns to look and check those areas, it may be impossible to see a motorcycle or car.

If you were hurt in a semi-truck collision, you should reach out to an experienced attorney. A Clarksburg blind spot truck accident lawyer could evaluate the circumstances of your crash to identify the at-fault party. If another driver’s negligence caused your wreck, they could pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

Common Blind Spot Accident Scenarios

Many accidents are caused by blind spots on trucks. For example, in urban areas, the blind spots immediately in front of the truck cab can cause problems. If a truck is at a stoplight and there are pedestrians in the crosswalk, the driver may not see them. More frequently, the blind spots on the sides of the truck and to the rear are responsible for accidents. Truck drivers may not see other vehicles when they are attempting to change lanes, which can cause a collision.

In Clarksburg, the most common locations for truck accidents caused by blind spots are US Route 50 and Interstate 79 due to the activity in the oil and gas industries. Many natural gas drilling sites require sand and water for operation, so it is not uncommon to see trucks hauling materials. To get to most well sites, trucks travel those two divided highways. Each of them has two lanes traveling in each direction, so drivers often make lane changes and potentially run into blind-spot trouble.

Comparative Negligence in Truck Crash Cases

In truck accident cases, defendant drivers or their insurance companies may attempt to blame other motorists. They may argue that the victim was driving too fast, was driving aggressively, or otherwise acting unsafely. Still, the truck driver is required to exercise reasonable care to avoid foreseeable risks of harm to other people. That means when they are changing lanes, they have to be especially careful because of those blind spots. As long as cars are traveling in a safe manner within their own lane, they have the right of way to continue in that lane and are not obligated to anticipate careless or reckless behavior on the part of a truck driver.

Clarksburg is an area in which comparative negligence is applied, so if both drivers in an accident are found to have had some responsibility for the crash, there is a weighing of responsibility. To be eligible for compensation, the victim must not be 50% or more responsible for the wreck. If they are, they are barred completely from any recovery because the crash was more their fault than the truck driver’s.

If the share of the fault is below 50%, they can only collect the percentage of the damage for which they were not at fault. For example, if a jury determines the victim’s damages total $100,000 and they were 30 percent responsible for the crash, the damages they could receive will be reduced by 30 percent to $70,000.

Reach Out to a Clarksburg Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney

Truck drivers who fail to check their blind spots can cause serious accidents that leave victims with pain, medical expenses, and lost wages. Fortunately, if you were hurt in an accident, the legal system offers you an opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries. Reach out to a Clarksburg blind spot truck accident attorney to discuss your options.