Bridgeport Mass Torts Lawyer

Mass tort cases often involve a single incident that injures or kills many people at one time, such as the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster, which claimed 29 lives, or the Willow Island tower collapse. These cases can also stem from situations in which many people were harmed by a single dangerous product or medication. Mass torts allow many plaintiffs to combine their efforts and resources instead of pursuing individual cases.

Victims and their families often turn to a Bridgeport mass torts lawyer to help them recoup their losses after an accident. An experienced attorney could represent their legal interests and pursue the compensation they need after a tragic and senseless accident.

West Virginia Mass Litigation Panels

Each state has its own way of handling mass torts. In West Virginia, a Mass Litigation Panel is a group of judges that help facilitate mass tort cases, as detailed in West Virginia Trial Court Rule 26. The panel consists of seven active or senior status circuit court judges appointed by the Chief Justice and approved by the Supreme Court of Appeals. No other state has the luxury of such a panel that benefits plaintiffs and their families, making West Virginia an ideal place to introduce a mass tort lawsuit.

The job of a Mass Litigation Panel is to help victims effectively and inexpensively navigate the court system and have their case heard. Potential plaintiffs and their families should contact a well-versed Bridgeport mass torts attorney to discuss the merits of their claim and learn more about how to bring a case.

Sometimes, a case will remain with the judge who oversaw it during its initial filing, but usually, the attorney for the plaintiff or the Supreme Court will escalate the case to the Mass Litigation Panel to speed up the process. The panel focuses on quickly moving cases through the system so that injury victims or family members who lost loved ones can have closure as soon as possible.

Mass Tort Damages in Bridgeport

A mass torts lawyer in Bridgeport could help victims and their families identify and value the full extent of their losses. They could then argue for fair compensation before the Mass Litigation Panel. Potential damages recoverable in a lawsuit may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of society
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Medical or burial and funeral expenses
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Property damage

Call a Bridgeport Mass Torts Attorney Today

After a tragic accident, families and victims are often confused and feel as if they have nowhere to turn. Fortunately, a skilled Bridgeport mass torts lawyer could advocate on their behalf and fight for the compensation they need to move forward.

If you were harmed by a dangerous product or medication, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney. There could be many other victims, and pursuing a mass tort could allow you to band together and prevent harm to others in the future. Call a mass tort attorney today to schedule a consultation.