Injured in Truck Accident | Filing West Virginia Truck Accident Claim

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If you’ve been hurt in a West Virginia truck accident, it’s usually helpful to seek the guidance of an attorney and to stay updated on new developments and laws pertaining to the trucking industry. The U.S. Government has recently implemented changes that affect commercial carriers and that may have an effect on your truck accident claim.

Trucking is known as a difficult and often unhealthy line of work. Many truckers feel pressured to skip rest stops to remain on schedule. This may lead to mental cloudiness, distraction, and even causes some to fall asleep at the wheel. Needless to say, these pressures have often been the cause of major traffic accidents on our roadways. When there’s a traffic accident involving a passenger vehicle and a large truck, the consequences can be serious or even deadly.

Statistics show that in recent years, truck accidents are on the rise. For example, in 2010, more than 500,000 trucks and commercial vehicles were involved in road accidents. That staggering number is frightening enough, but also consider that the trucking industry is booming, with 20% more trucks expected to be on the road by the end of this year. That means more accidents and more truck accident claims.

Not every accident is serious, but in 98% of fatal collisions involving a commercial truck and a smaller vehicle, the deceased are drivers and/or passengers in the smaller vehicle.

Measure to Reduce Truck Accidents

In an effort to reduce the number of serious and fatal truck accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has proposed a rule requiring commercial vehicles to carry an Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD’s). An AOBRD is a device that records the number of hours a commercial driver spends on the road. The device has seen wide use in Europe over the past several years with good results, but some U.S. Lawmakers and companies are not yet convinced that we should have a law making AOBRD’s mandatory.

This rule would affect the many truck companies still using paper log books to record hours. Experts hope that this device will make it difficult for drivers to put themselves and others at risk by ignoring much-needed rest.

In a truck accident claim, your attorney may use the AOBRD, as well as other evidence, to demonstrate trucker negligence. The more evidence you have for your truck accident claim, the better the chances you will prove your case and be awarded the compensation you deserve for pain, suffering, and monetary loss.

Contacting a West Virginia Truck Accident Claim Attorney

If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident through no fault of your own, you have options. The Miley Legal Group is here to help you understand the legal process of filing a truck accident claim. Order our free book for tips and advice on what to do following an accident, and call us with any questions. We’ll fight for your right to compensation and make sure you’re treated fairly. Call 304-326-1800.