Braxton County Dog Attack Attorney Discusses Dog Bite Prevention

Miley Legal Group

Victims of a dog bite may seek consultation with a Braxton County dog attack attorney to discuss recovering damages. Dog bites can cause severe injury and trauma, leaving long-lasting marks on a victim’s life. It’s important to exercise caution when dealing with dogs, especially when children are involved.

Follow these tips to help you and your loved ones avoid a dog bite injury:

  • Always ask the dog’s owner for permission before approaching or petting their dog. The owner will likely know the dog’s behaviors best.
  • Never tease a dog or pull its tail. This could make them angry or frustrated and cause them to act out.
  • Avoid petting dogs that are chewing on a toy or playing with another animal.
  • Be aware of your children’s demeanor around dogs and other animals. If they seem fearful or shy in a dog’s presence, do not force your child to pet or interact with them.
  • Approach dogs slowly and gently; try not to startle or surprise them.
  • Be careful feeding dogs treats or other food. Keep your fingers together, and do not put them too close to the animal’s mouth.
  • Don’t try to pet dogs through fences or in front of their home; they may bite to protect their home and owners.

Were you or a loved one the victim of a dog bite? You could be due compensation for your medical bills and pain. Call 877-652-1031 today to learn more from a Braxton County dog attack attorney at The Miley Legal Group.