Monongalia County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Pharmaceutical companies are sometimes far more concerned with profits than creating medications that are safe for consumers. These companies may rush to get approval of drugs by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even when they have incomplete or inconclusive testing results, which ultimately can result in harm to consumers. If you or a family member suffered injuries from taking a prescription or over-the-counter medication, you may wish to contact a Monongalia County dangerous drugs lawyer about your options for legal recourse.

As an injury victim, you may be eligible to file a claim for compensation against the company that manufactured the harmful drug. You also may be able to participate in a class-action lawsuit. An experienced personal injury attorney could discuss your alternatives with you and determine the most effective course of action in your case.

Legal Duties of Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies have a legal duty to manufacture and market only those drugs that are safe for consumers to use. When they act negligently in rushing a medication to the marketplace without taking adequate precautions, they may be liable for any injuries that result. Furthermore, if drug companies are aware of dangerous side effects or potential drug interactions and fail to warn consumers of the risks, they can also be for any resulting harm to consumers.

Essentially, dangerous drug lawsuits are product liability claims. These claims could stem from a batch of the drug being contaminated or from the manufacturer improperly labeling or providing dosage instructions. Either of these situations could lead to illness, injury, or even death.

In some cases, pharmaceutical companies may fail to test specific features of the drug or even issue misleading or inaccurate results to obtain quick FDA approval. This situation may arise from a drug company ignoring potential problems or simply failing to conduct adequate testing to ensure the safety of the drug. Whatever the case may be, a dangerous drugs lawyer in Monongalia County may be able to help victims pursue fair compensation.

Dangerous Drug Recalls in Monongalia County

Pharmaceutical companies may voluntarily recall dangerous drugs, or the FDA may order medications to be removed from the shelves for various health and safety-related reasons. Notably, recalls do not necessarily mean that the drug has caused injuries to others. Pharmaceutical companies may recall drugs to avoid potential liability if they fear that injuries might result from consumers using the medicine.

The FDA has established three classes of recalls based on the severity of the potential harm that a drug could cause:

  • Class I recalls occur when there is a high likelihood that consumers who use the drug will experience serious adverse health consequences or death
  • Class II recalls involve a reasonable probability that use of the drug may cause medically reversible temporary health conditions
  • Class III recalls are less severe situations in which adverse health consequences are unlikely to result from use of the drug

When individuals are taking medicines that are subject to recall, taking prompt action is essential. Patients should contact their health care provider, determine whether they have suffered any harm, and discuss alternative treatment options. Additionally, victims could seek advice of a dangerous drugs attorney in Monongalia County to discuss their legal options.

Contact a Monongalia County Dangerous Drugs Attorney for Advice

Pharmaceutical companies have a legal duty to make drugs safe for the consumers who utilize them. Unfortunately, you cannot always rely on drug companies and the FDA to ensure the safety of medications. Countless new drugs are released onto the market each year, and some of them end up causing harm to consumers. Inadequate testing, insufficient warning labels, and a lack of knowledge about these drugs can all lead to injuries, some of which are irreversible and even fatal.

If you were harmed by your use of a prescription medication, consider contacting a Monongalia County dangerous drugs lawyer. An experienced attorney could evaluate the merits of your claim and pursue compensation on your behalf. Call today to schedule a consultation.