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How to Help a Loved One Cope with Disfigurement

When someone sustains a disfiguring injury in a Clarksburg accident, it can impact the entire family. Whether it’s permanent scarring from burns or the loss of a limb from a traumatic amputation, everyone must learn how to live a new normal. There are ways that family can help a loved one cope with these changes.

Helping a Loved One Cope during the Recovery Process

Initially there is oftentimes shock surrounding the disfigurement. Some people go through the stages of grief: denial, anger, guilt, etc. It’s important to not only expect fluctuations in feelings and emotions, but to allow them. There isn’t a “right” way to deal with a traumatic experience.

Provide assurance to your loved one that the injury isn’t what makes the person. Affirm your love and support and make yourself available, whether it’s as a sounding board or to provide assistance with daily tasks.

Helping a Loved One Transition after Disfigurement

Once the point of recovery has ended – which could mean the last surgery was performed or your loved one was fitted with a prosthetic limb, for example – don’t assume all is well. It can take months or even longer for someone to transition into a normal life after disfigurement.

Encourage your loved to join a support group. Survivors of disfiguring accidents may want to seek professional counseling if they experience post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.

Find ways to help your loved one regain his/her independence. But again, this might require outside help from a professional.

Of course, if another party’s negligence caused the disfigurement in a motorcycle accident, the victim may file a claim to recover damages. Your loved one is likely feeling a great deal of stress just from the injury itself. So the idea of seeking legal action might sound overwhelming. Offer your help and assistance.

You can also contact the Miley Legal Group at 304-931-4088 for legal help if you’re in the Clarksburg area and pursuing a claim.

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