Will My Case Go To Trial?

One question we get asked is whether or not their case is going to trial and whether they will have to testify – that’s a two-part question.


Your case may or may not go to trial. We try to resolve your case with the insurance company without having to file a suit. We do that for several reasons.

First, suppose we can settle it with the insurance company; then, in that case, fewer expenses have been incurred on your behalf because any expense we incur for you will be deducted from your ultimate settlement.

However, if we have to file suit on your behalf because we couldn’t get the claim resolved informally out of court with the insurance company, you may be asked to testify in a deposition. You also may be asked to testify in court even if we have to file a suit on your behalf for your injury claim.

We still may not have to go to trial, and you still may not have to testify because 95 to 98% of all claims, even if you have to file suit, get resolved without going to court. And the reason for that is that both sides realize there’s always a risk in going to trial.