What is My Accident Claim Worth?

You probably wonder what your case (or claim) is worth if you’ve been injured. My response to anyone who asks me that question is, I don’t know. Each injury case is different.

But some factors influence the value of your case. Some will positively influence its value, while others will negatively influence it.

Value of a claim

So, let’s go through some of those factors.

First and most important is the nature and severity of your injury. The more seriously injured you are, the higher the value of your case. Now, some people believe the myth that the value of your case is three times what your medical expenses are. That’s not true because every case is different.

We’ve had many cases where someone’s medical bills may have been $10,000, and the settlement for their case may have been $100,000 to $150,000. However, we’ve had other cases where for around the same amount of medical expenses,  the settlement was only $20,000. So, unless we have all the facts of the case, it will be difficult to determine its value.

Another factor is the permanency of your injuries. Have you fully recovered, or are you left with permanent disabilities?

Again, if you have permanency in your injuries, your case will have a higher value than otherwise. Again, of course, it’s great to have fully recovered, but the value of your claim will have a certain limit.

I hope I’ve helped answer your question. As I mentioned earlier, the value of your claim would depend totally on the facts of your specific case.