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Secrets Of The Auto Insurance Industry

Are you dealing with an insurance company? Be aware, most of them are not truthgul…

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West Virginia Lawyers Help Car Accident Victim Who Was Rendered Totally Disabled

West Virginia car accident and drunk driver injuries can range from whiplash and dislocations to…

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Testimonial Accident Victim vs. Insurance Company

Insurance Company Denies Responsibility for Car Accident

Our client, Dwight, received his severe injuries when he was…

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Man Hit in Strip Mall Parking Lot

Some may consider this graphic.  Discretion is advised.

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Failure to Get Immediate Medical Attention at the Scene of an Accident

If you do not receive medical treatment at the scene of your accident, but find…

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What is uninsured motorist (UM) coverage?

Attorney Tim Miley explains what uninsured motorist and why you should consider having it and…

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When should you settle your injury claim?

One of the most frequently asked question that we at The Miley Legal Group receive…

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Testimonial: Delivery Car Accident Victim

Client Hit Head-on After Trying to Avoid Accident

Sam made every attempt to avoid collision with…

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You Worry About Your Recovery

Have you been injured and you medical bills are piling up?  Quit stressing out, The…

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Why NOT Hiring an Accident Lawyer Can be a Mistake

“I don’t need a lawyer!” Attorneys just want a piece of my settlement!This can’t be…

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