The Importance of an Accident Report for a West Virginia Injury Claim

Miley Legal Group

The most important piece of documentation you will need to get after an accident is the accident report.

The accident report, or sometimes called an accident exchange form, is filed by the responding law enforcement agency.

An accident report will describe what happened and who was involved.

It will also include information on vehicle positions after the accident and where the damage was on each vehicle.

It will also list contact information and any insurance information for the parties involved.

The report should also have statements from each driver along with statements from any potential witnesses.

The report will also assign liability and notate if any citations were given as a result of the investigation.

The insurance company is going to want a copy to help it determine who was at fault and who should be held liable for the accident.

No payments will be made to the repair shop or any medical provider until the liability is determined.

As the official record, the accident report will provide a foundation to build up your claim.

If an insurance company does deny liability even thoug the accident reports states otherwise, immediately contact an attorney.

An attorney can help you begin to establish who was liable, building upon the evidence provided in the report.

Never let an insurance company get away with denying liability if you genuinely beleive that the other party was at fault.  Call an attorney now.