Testimonial- Insurance Bad Faith Victim

Miley Legal Group

Problems with an Insurance Company

Shelby was in a car accident that she was deemed liable for by the insurance company.  Her insurance coverage included medical payments coverage, and she had been paying it for years.  When she needed the insurance to help cover her medical bills, her carrier denied her coverage and refused to pay her bills. She contacted The Miley Legal Group and we were able to force the insurance company to not only provide for her medical bills, but to also pay for their bad faith in the original claim.  Her insurance company did not act in accordance to Shelby’s insurance policy, and so they had additional liabilities above what the policy required.

Your Car Accident Lawyers Held Insurance Company Accountable

Insurance companies will try any means to not settle or pay out your claim.  In this case, the insurance company blatantly ignored the policy they had written and cause our client harm.  We stood strong and demanded they uphold their end of the bargain.  Don’t let an insurance company take advantage of you, whether it is your own coverage or that of another driver.  The Miley Legal Group helped Shelby collect and can help you too.  Contact our office for a FREE case evaluation!