Testimonial- Insurance Adjusters are Doctors Now?

Miley Legal Group

Your Car Wreck Lawyer took on an Insurance Adjuster and Won

Emmylou was involved in a rear end collision on Rt 50 near Bridgeport Hill.  She received medical attention and her vehicle was heavily damaged.  When she was approached by the insurance company, their adjuster advised her that she “looked fine” and to accepts their small offer of $2,000 and release them and their insured from additional responsibility.

Insurance Adjuster Offered Low Settlement

Something did not sit well with the client so she immediately contacted our office and relayed her circumstances to our staff.  We immediately advised her of her rights and told her not to sign any documents.  We were glad she didn’t because it came to light that she needed additional treatment to get her back on her feet.  If she would have signed the release, she would have been personally responsible for the thousands of dollars in additional medical care she received.  Listen to her story and if you or anyone you love is in a similar situation, contact our office immediately, don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you.