How do my medical bills get paid?

Miley Legal Group

Your medical bills from an accident can become cumbersome.  In order to get them paid, The Miley Legal Group suggests that you first submit them to any health insurance you or your spouse may have.  Although some health insurance companies may question their need to pay medical bills from an accident, we can help clarify any confusion they may have.

If health insurance is not an option for you, another method may be any available med pay that is available from auto insurance.  Many policies, including your own, may have funds set aside to pay medical bills in the case of an accident.  These funds can be disbursed to your medical providers after a claim has been filed.

If there is no med pay or health insurance available, you still have options.  Our office can contact your medical providers through a letter and request that they hold of on collecting payment until your case has been settled.  Most doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and hospitals in our area have an excellent working relationship with our office and have postponed collecting accounts for many of our clients.

If you have any additional questions or need us to contact your doctors for you, please complete the form on our website or contact our office by phone, someone is waiting to assist you.