Failure to Get Immediate Medical Attention at the Scene of an Accident

Miley Legal Group

If you do not receive medical treatment at the scene of your accident, but find out later that you were injured, it can cause damage to your claim.  It is well known that there are occurances where you get home after an accident and begin to feel pain.  However, the more leverage you provide an insurance adjustor, the more they will take advantage of you.  We see this time and again, an accident victim will receive treatment after going home and the insurance company uses this information to their advantage and will pressure the victim into settling way below what they deserve.  An experienced attorney can assist you in this situation.

We suggest to never refuse treatment at the scene of an accident.  Always have a medical professional look you over and make sure that you are alright.  You may be feeling fine temporarily, however certain medical conditions can onset well after your accident.  It will then be necessary to tie your injury directly to the accident, which can become difficult.

We find that some accident victims will refuse treatment because they do not have health insurance.  You should never turn down medical attention for this reason.  In many cases, the treatment will be covered by the auto coverage of the driver that caused the accident.  In some cases, you may have coverage on your own policy that will assist in covering your medical expenses called Medical Payments Insurance (Med Pay).  You can learn more here.