Insurance Company Denies Responsibility for Car Accident

Our client, Dwight, received his severe injuries when he was struck from behind sitting in traffic by a driver in a company vehicle.  The crash was so severe that Dwight’s vehicle was then pushed across the westbound lane and into the ditch on the opposite side of the road.  The collision caused significant damage to Dwight’s vehicle and caused serious, painful injuries to him as well.  The injuries included a traumatic brain injury that has led to great difficulties for our client to resume normal functions of his life.

Traumatic Brain Injury Caused by Accident

Initially diagnosed as a concussion, Dwight experienced headaches, dizziness, balance issues, nausea, memory loss, trouble concentrating, mood swings, fatigue and tremendous feelings of “fogginess.”  As symptoms of traumatic brain injury, it was important for him and us to document and provide proof to the insurance company that in fact he received the injury that caused the damage during the accident itself.  As traumatic brain injury is a difficult injury to prove, experts were consulted and the experience of his attorneys provided him with great support as the process moved forward.

Traumatic Brain Injury Changed our Client’s Life

Prior to the wreck, our client was an active, hardworking man.  Since the wreck and even now, his personality has changed.  He has lost the ability to enjoy his life, his family and his home.  The traumatic brain injury has caused physical problems, including balance issues, that has adversely affected his day to day functions.  He has had a difficult time in teaching Sunday School and conducting church services as he did in the past.  The negligence of the driver that struck him has made his life very difficult.

Help From Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Our client requested and received our assistance to deal with the insurance company and address his claim.  Throughout the process, the insurance company did not want to take responsibility for the accident and pay our client’s medical bills.  Although, there were a number of attempts, the adjuster just would not accept liability and therefore we were required to file suit for our client.  After beginning legal proceedings, the insurance company finally accepted liability and settled the claim put forth by our client and paid out a large settlement.

Hear how The Miley Legal Group Assisted this Victim

Listen to the testimony of our client.  Let him tell you how we assisted him with dealing with his injuries, including the traumatic brain injury.  He will explain the difficulties he had with the insurance company and how we overcame those.  Hear the story in his own words how he relied on us to resolve his issues and we pulled through for him.