Testimonial: Workplace Injury Victim

Client Crushed by Vehicle While Working at a Residence

Our client was performing his job as a heating and cooling repairman at a residence when he was crushed by a vehicle backing out of a garage.  As he was working on his paperwork, the vehicle pinned him between the door of his van and the van itself.  He received crush injuries to both legs as a result.  As the injury occurred on the premises of a home, there were a number of possible insurance companies involved.

No Contact From Insurance Company

After the incident, the insurance company decided not to have an open dialogue with our client, which ultimately led to him hiring our firm.  After missing a number of months of work and returning to light duty only, our client was getting frustrated with everyone involved.  Once we received the case, we immediately began to investigate insurance issues and put together a claim.

His Workplace Injury Attorney

As his workplace injury attorney, we contacted the insurance company and worked through his claim to ensure he received the settlement he deserved.  Hear in his own words how we helped him and how we resolved his case in a manner that he appreciated.