Testimonial – Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and Fall Victim Received Compensation

Ciera received her injuries during a routine stop at a local store.  As she walked through the store to make her purchases, she unknowingly stepped in to a puddle of water, and slipped and fell.  Her injuries consisted of a bruised tailbone, damage to her ankle and torn ligaments in her knee.  This resulted in hindering her ability to walk and required extensive medical care, including surgery to repair the damage to her knee.

Initially, Ciera and her family attempted to resolve the claim directly with the store, however after multiple phone calls and getting the cold shoulder from the store’s corporate headquarters, they decided to contact The Miley Legal Group.  With our assistance, Ciera was able to get her claim resolved in a fair manner that took care of her medical bills and allowed her to be compensated for her permanent knee injury.

Your Personal Injury Attorneys Assisted

Ciera discusses her frustrations over the initial response she received from the store owners that led her to hire an attorney.  She was hearing from bill collectors and was having trouble working, so she knew she needed help.  Listen to her story and contact our office if you have any questions or if you are in a similar situation.