Testimonial- Passenger in a Car Accident

Auto Accident Victim was Passenger, Care Taker Driving

Lucille was a passenger of her caretaker in a vehicle that struck a car that turned in its path due to no fault of the driver.  She received multiple injuries, including a fractured sternum and extensive bruising.  In the care of family, Lucille’s daughter became responsible for her care along with her medical bills.  It was very important to her daughter not to have to deal with the aftermath of the accident. This included dealing with the insurance company and the medical providers.  The Miley Legal Group, her accident lawyers, assisted her throughout the process, which finalized with a settlement that more than compensated her mother for the accident and took care of her medical bills.    Listen to her daughter tell why she needed the assistance of an attorney and how she benefited from it.

Your Car Accident Lawyers Helped Her Recover

If you find yourself in a similar situation and you need the assistance of your car accident lawyers, request your free consultation now.  The Miley Legal Group has experience in accident cases involving passengers.  Get your questions answered and get the information you need to beat the insurance companies.