Testimonial- Hit and Run Accident Victim

Hit and Run Victim Receives Assistance

Minding her own business and moving through her daily routine, Stacy and her daughter were struck by a driver who then fled the scene.  Luckily, the driver was later caught and charged with a number of crimes for the accident, but Stacy still needed help.  She had to deal with an insurance company that was not prone to assist her in fully recovering her losses.

After getting her and her daughters’ health back in order, Stacy contacted The Miley Legal Group.   Through her attorney, she was able to pursue the driver and their insurance company to insure that her medical bills were covered and she received the compensation she deserved.

Your Hit and Run Attorneys

The devastation she felt was quickly replaced by confidence when she contacted our office.  Do not let a hit and run driver destroy your life, contact your hit and run attorneys to protect yourself and get access to the funds you need to fully recover.