Testimonial- Client Rear ended at High Rate of Speed

Rear-Ended Car Accident Victim Hires The Miley Legal Group Again

Sherry, a returning client, had a second accident and attempted to contact and deal with the insurance company on her own.  However, the insurance company denied her coverage and advised her that she would not receive reimbursement.  She immediately contacted our office and allowed us to assist her in dealing with her insurance claim.

Insurance Company Denied Coverage

After we provided adequate proof that the insurance company was responsible, a settlement process began and Sherry was compensated for her losses.  As an entrepreneur, it was important for her to get back on her feet immediately, as time loss was a direct financial loss for her and her company.  Once an agreement was reached, Sherry received compensation for her medical bills and her vehicle was repaired.

Contact Your Car Accident Attorneys

If you find yourself in a similar situation, do what Sherry did, contact our office for assistance.  After attempting to deal with the insurance company herself, she realized she needed help.  We cleared up her aggravation while holding the responsible parties accountable.  Let us help you.