Motorcycle Passenger Involved in Accident

Our client was riding behind the driver of a motorcycle when a vehicle ran a stop sign and plowed into them throwing both her and the driver off the bike and onto the roadway.  The injuries she sustained included a broken wrist, two toes and numerous abrasions and bruises throughout her body.  Her injuries led to surgery and eventually physical therapy.

“That was a big burden, wondering what kind of expenses I was going to have.”

“I knew that I needed to get some advise on what I should do.”

She Hired The Miley Legal Group to Represent Help with Her Motorcycle Accident Claim

“I heard about The Miley Legal Group and it came highly recommended to me.”

After getting a recommendation from a friend, she contacted our office and was thrilled with the results.  We not only provided her with the services she needed, we went above what she expected to make sure that her claim was taken seriously and she received the medical treatment necessary to get her back on her feet.  Although she may never recover from the mental hurdles she faces with riding a motorcycle, her physical condition was improved and she has moved on with her life.

“I felt everybody there was helpful to me.”

“It was definitely comforting because you are kind of in a position where you are not able to get around, your not able to do the daily things that your used to doing and your dependent on somebody else for help. So it was definitely nice.”

“Absolutely, I have 1000% confidence in them.”