Insurance Company Denied Initial Wrongful Death Claim

Our client’s husband received injuries that lead to his untimely passing.  After receiving an initial denial of coverage from her insurance company and speaking with friends and family, she contacted The Miley Legal Group.  Her wrongful death attorney was able to review her claim and found coverage within the policy of the insured.  This matter was resolved efficiently with the end result being positive for our client.

Injury Attorneys Assist in Gaining Insurance Settlement

Insurance companies will attempt to find any reason to deny coverage for a wrongful death.  Those claims are obviously one of the more expensive insurance claims they pay out, so limiting their coverage is generally a top priority.  In this case, we were able to identify the applicable insurance policy and language within the policy that applied to the accident very quickly.  This allowed us to file the claim with the insurance company and get it resolved fast.

Our Client was Satisfied With the Services Received

We kept in constant contact with our client and answered any questions she had.  As with most policy holders, confusion kept her from initially getting her lawful settlement from the insurance company.  With our assistance, she was able to get access to her insurance funds and continue to put the pieces of her life back together after this horrific tragedy.

Get the Information You Need for Your Wrongful Death Claim Now

Don’t go it alone when dealing with insurance companies, especially when a death is involved.  Make sure you have you and your families rights protected.  If you need additional information on wrongful death cases, feel free to contact our office and we can review your case without any cost to you.