Animal Attack Leads to Concern for Results

During a routine walk through his neighborhood, our client was attacked by a neighbors dog.  His injuries included a bite and tear to the calf of his leg.  The animal had somehow escaped the handlers control and lunged at our client and bite his leg.  After receiving treatment at the scene, the victim became concerned that the neighbor and owner of the dog would not be held liable. Dog bite cases, even under the best circumstances can be difficult to collect on based on insurance, ownership, the animal itself and the extent of the injuries.

Dog Bite Attorney Helps Victim Recover from Attack

The victim reached out to our office to ensure he would be adequately compensated for the extensive damage he received to his leg.  As health and fitness is a large part of his life, getting back to his normal routine was a priority for our client, and we wanted to assist him as much as possible.

It was important to our client based on past experiences with the dog owner that the issue was resolved quickly.  The dog had lunged at our client before and the owner would frequently lose proper control over the animal in the past.  As the animal was not removed from the owner, he would remain at a home along my clients normal path of exercise.

Meeting Client Expectations and Reaching Positive Results from Dog Owners

Throughout discussions with the client, it was important that this claim was resolved and that our client would be compensated for his injury.  After extensive negotiation with the homeowner’s insurance company, our client received a settlement that not only made helped him in his recovery, but would also send a signal to the dog owner that he must have better control over his animal.

Dog bite cases can be difficult.  Receiving compensation for injuries as a result of a dog or other animal can be difficult.  If you need additional information on a dog bite claim, please contact our office and your case will be evaluated by an attorney FREE of charge.