Video Testimonials

Viewer discretion advised. Our client was run over by a large truck after being thrown out the sunroof of her Hummer. The coal trucks dashcam caught the moment our client was seriously injured. Check out the raw footage and what her husband had to say when we asked him why he felt he needed to hire an accident lawyer and how The Miley Legal Group helped him and his family.

Slip and Fall Victim Received Compensation

Ciera received her injuries during a routine stop at a local store.  As she walked through the store to make her purchases, she unknowingly stepped in to a puddle of water, and slipped and fell.  Her injuries consisted of a bruised tailbone, damage to her ankle and torn ligaments in her knee.  This resulted in hindering her ability to walk and required extensive medical care, including surgery to repair the damage to her knee.

Initially, Ciera and her family attempted to resolve the claim directly with the store,…

Hit and Run Victim Receives Assistance

Minding her own business and moving through her daily routine, Stacy and her daughter were struck by a driver who then fled the scene.  Luckily, the driver was later caught and charged with a number of crimes for the accident, but Stacy still needed help.  She had to deal with an insurance company that was not prone to assist her in fully recovering her losses.

After getting her and her daughters’ health back in order, Stacy contacted The Miley Legal Group.   Through her attorney, she was able to…

I needed someone to help me.

Our client was riding behind the driver of a motorcycle when a vehicle ran a stop sign and plowed into them throwing both her and the driver off the bike and onto the roadway.  The injuries she sustained included a broken wrist, two toes and numerous abrasions and bruises throughout her body.  Her injuries led to surgery and eventually physical therapy.

“That was a big burden, wondering what kind of expenses I was going to have.”

“I knew that I needed to get some advise on what I should do.”

She Hired The Miley…

I had no idea how to handle anything.

Erin and Byron were involved in a collision in which a contractor van ran a stop sign.  The car was hit on the passenger’s side and did extensive damage to the car and all passengers, including the two children in the vehicle.  The Miley Legal Group was contacted and immediately met with the clients in the hospital to begin preparation for their claim.

After extensive medical treatment for many broken bones, including a broken pelvis, and with the driver of the van at fault, The Miley Legal Group worked to settle each…

The insurance company wasn’t contacting me, so I needed an attorney.

Sherry, a returning client, had a second accident and attempted to contact and deal with the insurance company on her own.  However, the insurance company denied her coverage and advised her that she would not receive reimbursement.  She immediately contacted our office and allowed us to assist her in dealing with her insurance claim.

Insurance Company Denied Coverage

After we provided adequate proof that the insurance company was responsible, a settlement process began and Sherry was compensated for her losses.  As an entrepreneur, it was important for her to get back on her…

It took all the worries and stress from me

Sam made every attempt to avoid collision with the oncoming vehicle. He pulled off the road after seeing the driver traveling towards him at a high rate of speed. In the end, his attempts did not prevent and accident and in fact caused him tremendous injuries and led to the passing of the driver.

Insurance Company Abandoned our Client
After the accident and initial treatment, the insurance company of the driver that struck our client. He had a “bad experience” dealing with them and that was the primary reason he reached out to…

I was always a step ahead of everything because of the Miley Legal Group

Our client was driving an oil and gas company vehicle that was not properly maintained. After repeated attempts to notify his employer that the vehicle in question was having issues, an accident occurred. Donald made numerous attempts to rectify the situation with his boss, only to be told time and again that the problem was corrected. The failure to maintain the truck after repeated warnings from our client led directly lead to the accident. As a result our client was significantly injured that will lead to life long issues.

Workplace Accident Leads…

Make sure you check out Miley…good people…you can trust.

Our client’s husband received injuries that lead to his untimely passing.  After receiving an initial denial of coverage from her insurance company and speaking with friends and family, she contacted The Miley Legal Group.  Her wrongful death attorney was able to review her claim and found coverage within the policy of the insured.  This matter was resolved efficiently with the end result being positive for our client.

Injury Attorneys Assist in Gaining Insurance Settlement

Insurance companies will attempt to find any reason to deny coverage for a wrongful death.  Those claims are obviously one…

I couldn’t have found better representation than The Miley Legal Group.

During a routine walk through his neighborhood, our client was attacked by a neighbors dog.  His injuries included a bite and tear to the calf of his leg.  The animal had somehow escaped the handlers control and lunged at our client and bite his leg.  After receiving treatment at the scene, the victim became concerned that the neighbor and owner of the dog would not be held liable. Dog bite cases, even under the best circumstances can be difficult to collect on based on insurance, ownership, the animal itself and the extent…