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West Virginia was one of many states to acknowledge the mounting evidence demonstrating the inherent dangers of distracted driving, particularly texting and driving. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute conducted one of the most surprising and disturbing of these studies. Researchers determined the average time a person eyes’ leave the road while texting is five seconds. In five seconds, a vehicle traveling at 45 mph covers approximately .0625 miles, which is the average length of a short city block. While traveling just one block, any of the following could happen:

  • a stoplight could change from green to red;
  • a car with a blown out tire could careen into your lane;
  • a motorcyclist could swerve next to you to avoid a road hazard;
  • a beloved pet could dart into your path; or
  • a child chasing the beloved pet could run into the street.

Like many states, West Virginia has adopted a moderate approach in banning all texting except when drivers need to report emergencies. A few states, such as Missouri and Nebraska, have taken another approach by limiting the ban to only young drivers. States often impose harsher restrictions on young drivers because their inexperience naturally places them in higher risk categories. Insurance adjusters know this when they set rates, and so do legislators when they pass laws.

Does this double standard make sense for texting? In the case of texting and driving, no generation (young or old) has been proficient at both simultaneously.

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