Understanding the Insurance Policy Jargon


Are you dealing with an insurance company?

Be aware that most of them are not truthful. They will try to confuse you enough so that you drop your claim.

The reason?

They want to ensure their profit margin is high, keeping the premiums you pay to them.

Insurance industry CEOs are paid more than CEOs in every other industry, that includes auto industry CEOs and tech giant CEOs.

Most insurance companies have denied claims outright even though they are legitimate.

They will delay as long as possible in the hope that the person filing the claim will give up or, in some cases, even die.

Have you read your insurance contract lately? Did you understand it?

Most policies require someone with a legal degree to understand their jargon.

This allows insurance companies to take advantage of those they sell them to.

So, under most circumstances, you need to contact an attorney. This is especially the case when you have been injured, and medical bills pile up.

Knowing some of their secrets, you can fight back and make better decisions about your accident claim.