Treating Accident Injury Victims

Do You HATE it when Patients Injured in Car Accidents Don’t Pay Their Bills?

Do You Spend Hours and Hours Trying to Collect?

Do you have good relationships with law firms in your area?

It happens all the time. A medical provider takes care of an accident patient and either due to insurance issues or other red tape, their bills are either slow to pay or do not get paid altogether.  There can be frustration when you know a patient will get insurance proceeds and they do not use them to pay their bills.  Did you know that there are law firms that require their clients to use their health insurance and pay their medical providers first when their case settles?  Well, there are.

The Miley Legal Group requires that providers are paid what they are owed before a check is cut to our client.  Our relationship with area providers is so important that “It’s in our CONTRACT!”

There is assurance that comes with working with a law firm like Miley Legal Group because not only do we care about our clients, but we also care about the medical providers that have assisted in a clients recovery. Just this past month our firm has forwarded over $30,000 to medical providers the day the funds are disbursed to our client. This automatic payment made the collections process easy for providers and takes care of debts owed by our clients.  We understand the role medical providers have in helping our clients return to some resemblance of normalcy in their lives, and the providers should get what they are owed.

As a medical provider, it is important that you prioritize two things. One, assure that your patient hires a firm that will pay you what you are owed after any health insurance proceeds.  More importantly, prioritizing your ability to work with a law firm that cares about their clients and your patients can also ease your worry over an injury case.

Medical providers should focus on what they do best when treating accident injury victims, and that is getting them better. We at The Miley Legal Group think that the more you or your billing clerk understand the process of an accident claim will help ensure that you not only get your bills, paid but do so in a fair and easy manner. That is why Tim decided that he should provide this information to you FREE of charge, in his book. “Treating Accident Injury Victims: Information that all Medical Providers Should Know About Personal Injury Claims.”

In this short book, which you can request below, the steps of an injury claim are outlined with the areas that are important to medical providers highlighted.

  • What is MedPay and how does it work?
  • When and to whom should the initial health insurance claim be filed?
  • Why should I file now instead of waiting to the end of a claim?
  • How do I get the most money for my practice?

All these questions are answered and more! Complete the request form below, and we will get your copy in the mail free of any charge. The only thing we ask is that after you read it that you share it with the rest of your staff.

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