Broken motorcycle on the road after traffic incident

The Various Types of Road Rash Motorcyclists Should Know

As with many injuries, road rash can range from mild to severe. The type of clothing you wear while motorcycling, and how well you follow traffic laws may play a part in the severity of your injuries.

The two main types of road rash consist of avulsion and compression injuries. Avulsion injuries involve scrapes that have torn off several layers of skin. Avulsion injuries may leave muscle, fat or even bone exposed, creating a full-thickness wound.

Compression injuries occur when an arm or a leg becomes crushed between two objects, such as the road and the motorcycle. These injuries often result in bruises or fractures.

Within these two types of road rash are three degrees of severity. Similar to burns, road rash comes in first, second, and third degrees. A first-degree road rash is minor and affects only the top layer of skin. You may be able to easily treat this type of road rash yourself. A second-degree road rash is a bit more serious. It breaks the top layer of skin and usually requires stitches to close the wound.

Third degree road rash is the most severe. This type of road rash goes beyond the top layer and may even expose muscle, tissues, or bone. Immediate medical attention is required and in some extreme cases, skin grafts may be needed. See our full article for more information about road rash.

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