The Biggest Complaint Most Clients Have about Lawyers

Most clients’ biggest complaint about law firms and lawyers is that they never hear from them. As a result, they don’t know what’s going on in their case.


I pride myself on ensuring clients are familiar with every step of the process. Because when they come to me, that means something horrible has happened to them. So, we keep them informed about what they will experience in a legal claim. But, unfortunately, most lawyers don’t do that.

So, our number one priority is to keep the client informed of what’s going on in their case. And the reason for that is, is very simple.

They have entrusted us to represent them, probably at the most vulnerable period of their life. So, the least we can do is keep them informed about what’s occurring in this important case.

Number two, we aggressively collect the information we need to prosecute and pursue the case. For them, that means getting everything from the accident reports and witness statements, getting our investigator to take photographs, and digging up as much information as possible to help us prepare our client’s case.

We gather as much medical information as possible for our client as quickly as possible because three things will happen if it’s an injury case. Our client has:

  1. Fully recovered and is no longer treated,
  2. Got to a point where they’re as good as they can get, even though that’s not complete recovery, or
  3. A need for continuous treatment for the rest of their lives.

And so it’s our job to gather as much of that information as possible to find out their condition, the diagnosis of their condition, and the prognosis of their condition so that we can prepare the claim to be submitted to the insurance company.

If we can’t resolve their claim with the insurance company, we’ll file a lawsuit and ask a jury to resolve it in their favor.