Star City Wrongful Death Lawyer

The types of evidence will vary depending on what type of wrongful death claim is being filed. Your Star City wrongful death attorney will advise you as to what types of evidence suit your case. For example, if your loved one died in a car accident, it helps to have pictures of the accident scene, as well as medical or the coroner’s reports that detail the types of injuries and cause of death.

In addition to pictures and reports, it also helps to have other pieces of physical evidence, like the vehicle itself. Sometimes, your attorney may call an expert witness to examine the physical evidence to help piece together what likely happened in the tragedy. That’s why it’s important to move quickly on a wrongful death case. When you act as soon after the accident as possible, evidence is likely to be fresh and available.

Basic documentation needed in a wrongful death case include: 

  • death certificate;
  • evidence that shows that someone other than the victim was liable; and
  • evidence that you and your family experienced suffering due to the loved one’s death.

It may seem odd to have to prove that you’ve been hurt by the death of someone close to you, but in the legal system, there needs to be proof to support every claim.

Loss of income is one of the major ways someone’s death affects a family. You’ll want to show all relevant financial records that prove your deceased loved one’s income prior to death. You’ll also want to have proof of your bills and living expenses, as well as any insurance policies, will, or trusts the deceased may have had. Your Star City wrongful death attorney will tell you what specific financial paperwork is needed.

You can also show proof of emotional suffering in a wrongful death claim. For example, if you lost work time due to emotional distress, or sought the services of a physician or counselor for grief-related symptoms. 

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