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This slip and fall settlement calculator can help you determine an estimated settlement amount based on numbers you provide and historical claim awards from an insurance company for a slip and fall accident.

Note: This is not a guarantee of what you will receive, but a tool to provide a general idea of what a case may be worth.


1. Estimated Medical Expenses ($)*

Enter the estimated total of your medical bills, including those outstanding.

2. Estimated Property Damage ($)*

Enter damages to property in an accident, including auto damage (Note: Not all injury claims will include property damage).

3. Estimated Lost Earnings ($)*

If work was missed due to injuries, place the total of lost income. Include the cost of any paid vacation days used as a result of your injuries.

4. Future Lost Income (Estimate)*

If ongoing treatment will cost additional time off from work, enter that amount here.

5. Multiplier for General Damages*

A number between 2-5 based on a number of factors like the extent of the injury, long-term damages, etc. Most injury victims assume their multiplier is a 4 or 5, while insurance adjusters shoot for a multiplier of 2 or 3.
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Find out if You're Eligible for Compensation in just Minutes
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Find out if You're Eligible for Compensation in just Minutes

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