Kailin Kristan

Kailin Kristan

Intake Specialist

About Kailin

Name: Kailin D. Kristan

Family Information: I have nine siblings between my parents and their spouses. 3 are back home in New York and the other 6 are back in Indiana, where I was born.

Education Background: I graduated a year early in 2018 from Brocton Central Highschool with an Advanced Regents Diploma.

The city I live in: Bridgeport, WV

Favorite Indoor Activity: Catching up on my shows, snuggling my animals, and relaxing.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Having cookouts around the grill.

One thing I can’t live without: sweets

What can you not resist: Chocolate Milk. My addiction to this started young and my mom used to describe me as “hysterical” when we would run out.

Best Place I’ve Travelled and Why: The Caribbean. In 2017 my family and I went on a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and New Mexico. Besides the beautiful blue waters, it was definitely interesting to see the different cultures and ways of life.  In New Mexico, they have different sands depending on the beach and when we went snorkeling we saw the most beautiful fish (which I am terrified of swimming with-no idea why). Then in Grand Cayman instead of the normal wild/roaming dogs and cats we have, they have goats EVERYWHERE! It was definitely interesting. Plus the cruise ship itself was a great experience.

If I could learn anything: I honestly love learning different things. If I had the time and memory capacity I would try to learn all there is in the world. Number 1 on my list would definitely be to become fluent in every language, though. That would be pretty neat.

Best Gift Received: I think the best/most memorable gift would be Christmas Day when my stepmom gave the kids a “family” gift to open together. We opened it and there was just a little baby blanket in it! She surprised us with the expectancy of my youngest brother, Braxton. He’s now a big 5-year old that loves Monster Trucks!