3 Reasons Why Your Car Accident Case Might be Rejected by a Top West Virginia Personal Injury Law Firm

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As with most other West Virginia Car Accident Law Firms, we receive a number of inquiries and questions each and every day. It is our priority to assist each caller the best we can, but sometimes there are reasons why our firm will not take a case.

Here is a list of 3 reasons why our firm, or any other firm for that matter, may not take your accident injury case:

  1. The amount of money you receive at the end of your claim will not increase with a lawyer’s help. There are some limited circumstances where a lawyer can not add value to your claim. Respectable law firms will share this with you, allowing you to put as much money as possible in your pocket.
  2. You waited too long to make the call. The law requires that a lawsuit be filed 2 years after the “date of incident.” This means that a case has to be worked up, information gathered, insurance investigations and other discovery needs to take place within that window. The timeline only shrinks the longer an accident victim waits to call an attorney.
  3. Your case has been rejected by 2 or more other law firms. If you have called and spoken to a number of law firms and no one is willing to help you, you probably do not have a case. Although our office will try and provide you with the best advice, sometimes there are no options.

Our staff will be very upfront and let you know if we think your claim will be hard to prove or too costly to provide a benefit to you, most law firms don’t, they just never call you back or make an excuse why they can’t help you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire The Miley Legal Group for Your Car Accident Claim

  1. We have been fighting insurance companies for over 15 years. Tim Miley opened our doors in June of 2006, and we have not stopped beating insurance companies for our clients since.
  2. Our online reviews speak for themselves. Look at what our past clients have shared with their friends and families.
  3. We never take a case unless we know that we can get you more money in your pocket. We have even created a process where we identify how we get you more money in our Tiger Advantage program.
  4. We provide the best available information to our clients and prospective clients. We have written a number of books on how to handle motorcycle, truck, and car accident claims. We also have reports on handling medical bills after an accident and what to expect from an insurance company.
  5. We have a track record of success with our cases. Let the results speak for themselves.

Tim Miley is a nationally recognized attorney. He has put a team of attorneys and staff together that provide excellent service to our clients. We want you to be happy, we want you to refer your friends and family to us. We want you to join those five-star reviewers, and in the end, we want you to get your life back to some sense of normalcy.

Written by
Jason Williams
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