Motorcycle driving on the road on the White Mountains

Motorcycle Riding in the Cold Weather

Riding does not have to stop when the leaves start changing.  In fact, Fall is an awesome time to take those slow rides along the windy roads of West Virginia and the Tri-state region.  However, if you made plans to do so, it is important that you take care to stay warm.  Riding at high speeds during moderately cool weather can seem like riding your bike through the supermarket freezer section.  It is difficult to control a bike when your teeth are chattering, or you have cold pains in your hands.

Motorcycle Riding in Colder Weather

The enclosed motorcycle windchill chart should give you an idea of what the temperature will feel like at certain speed levels.  Being prepared for the weather will not only keep you warm but will make the ride more enjoyable.  It will also help keep you safe and less distracted.

riding a motorcycle in cool weather

Some of the ways you can stay warm on a motorcycle include, the more obvious, gloves (which will keep your hands, and more importantly, your fingers, from freezing) and heavier clothing.  But did you know that staying dry will also help you keep warmer longer?  Being aware of the temperature and what the weather forecast is one of the most important aspects of riding during the cooler months.

How to Stay Warm on your Bike

Staying warm equals staying safe, however, it does not prevent others from being aware of their surroundings and their fellow riders.  In fact, the cooler weather may be a more dangerous time for bikers, as other drivers may assume since it is cold that you will not be out on your bike.  This makes being diligent and paying attention to other drivers even more important.

West Virginia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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