Morgantown Electrocution Accident Lawyer

When you fall victim to an injury that involves electricity, you likely will be facing a lengthy recovery period. Electrocution injuries are often so severe that they result in permanent disfigurement and neurological damage. Victims may be left with extensive medical bills, lost wages, and permanent impairments.

If you were electrocuted in an accident, working with a seasoned personal injury lawyer could be crucial to recovering damages for your losses. A Morgantown electrocution accident lawyer may be able to advise you of your legal options and represent your interests at every step of the case.

Electrocution Accidents in Morgantown

Electricity is a part of daily life for most people, and no one expects to suffer injuries from its use. However, electrocution accidents and electrical burns are not uncommon and can arise from various sources.

Many electrocutions are work-related, such as those that happen on construction or industrial work sites. High voltage electric lines are plentiful on these sites, and it can take only brief contact with a ladder or other metal object to result in electrocution. Electric lines also may be buried beneath work sites, and heavy machinery may inadvertently dig them up, resulting in electrocution accidents.

Individuals who work on utility lines, trim or cut down trees, and operate power tools may all be vulnerable to electrical injuries. In the home, accidents may also occur as a result of faulty wiring, defective appliances, or damaged tools.

Types of Electrocution Injuries

Electrocution injuries are often severe and can even result in death. Even if individuals survive an electrocution, they may have diminished functioning that causes permanent disabilities. Nerve and brain damage, seizures, and burns can also occur when individuals come into contact with electricity.

The high voltages that result in electrocution can disrupt heart rates, leading to abnormalities, or cause the heart to stop beating altogether. Extensive burns are also commonplace, which can cause significant tissue damage. Fortunately, a Morgantown lawyer may be able to help electrocution accident victims seek fair compensation for their losses.

Negligence Leading to Electrocution Injuries

When electrocution occurs in the workplace, companies may be liable if their negligence caused the electrocution accident. Negligence is generally the careless disregard for the safety of others, such as failing to follow safety rules and guidelines. Other examples of negligence in the workplace can include:

  • Lack of proper training and unsafe work practices
  • Inadequate safety gear
  • Poor equipment maintenance
  • Faulty or defective tools and machines

Employers or contractors may also face liability if they fail to properly erect barriers or warning signs around dangerous sources of electricity. A lack of adequate emergency response to an accident can also exacerbate injuries and lead to permanent impairment or death. In evaluating whether injured parties can pursue employers or third parties based on negligence, an electrocution accident attorney in Morgantown may be useful.

In other cases, the manufacturers of tools, machinery, or other items may be liable when they produce faulty or defective equipment. Manufacturing companies must provide consumer and industrial goods that are safe for regular use. When a defect in these tools or devices leads to an electrocution, the manufacturers of these items may be liable.

Talk to a Morgantown Electrocution Accident Attorney

Electrocution accidents can occur for various reasons, which can make determining the cause challenging. Proving fault is essential to maintaining personal injury or wrongful death claims seeking compensation from negligent parties. As a result, you may benefit from the help of a Morgantown electrocution accident lawyer.

The long-lasting nature of electrocution injuries can be overwhelming and result in mountains of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and long-term care expenses. When these accidents prove fatal, surviving family members may be left with funeral and burial expenses, final medical bills, and lost income. Legal counsel may be able to assist injured parties or their loved ones in obtaining the compensation they need to move forward. To learn how an attorney could help in your situation, call today.